The Echo Alarms Warranty & Service Guarantee

Another layer of protection and comfort for you and your family or business, our exclusive Echo Alarms Warranty.

All of our new installations are backed 100% for a full 12 months on labour installation, system set up and training. When we install, it’s done right, done professionally and on time and on budget! 

All of our new equipment provided for installations is covered on warranty for a full three years on performance and operation. If a piece of equipment fails during normal operation it will be replaced to ensure your security is not comprised and you’re back up and running quickly in a timely manner in order to maintain your continued protection.

All of our new installations and equipment are ULC Approved, meet and surpass local required codes and are backed by our liability protection. Another layer of comfort and protection for you, our customer.

We ensure all customer are operational and fully trained in the usage and benefits of their new system and equipment. All of our installations include annual review and inspection of system operation to insure your complete protection and comfort.

* Warranty on labour is for new installations only, not add-ons or repairs to existing systems not originally provided by Echo Alarms.

** Warranty is for normal operational use and does not cover damage due to owner neglect or misuse, damage by accidents, unforeseen events, storms, repairs or changes done by unauthorized users or damage done by intruders and animals.

*** Warranty is transferable due to changes in property ownership provided new owners remain as customers of Echo Alarms. 

**** Equipment Warranty is the manufacturer’s stated equipment warranty.