Monitoring Solutions

Monitored sensors can protect your loved ones and your property while you are away. These are a great product option for allowing elderly parents and family members to maintain and extend their quality of life in their own residence, providing you with added peace of mind knowing they have extended care and protection when you are not there.

Glass Breakage Sensors

Early intrusion detection provided by glass breakage sensors. With the sound of breaking glass intrusion in detected and an alarm is detected. Another layer of protection before intruders can enter your property.

Garage & Shed Door Sensors

Monitor and protect access to storage sheds and garages.  Receive notices of alarm or monitor daily access to these areas.

Water Sensors

Prevent and minimize flood damage when you’re away or alert you from everyday water damage usage. A hot water tank fails, dishwasher or washing machine breaks, or a family member or elderly parent leaves a sink or tub over filling. get peace of mind security coverage with a monitored flood detector.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors with Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) technology for monitoring large areas and rooms. These are undetectable to the naked eye, work in all night or daylight conditions sensing motion and changes in heat movement. Monitor intruders at all hours or coming and going of family members for your peace of mind.

Door/Window Sensors

To ensure primary entrances, exits and windows are protected. When contact breaks the alarm is activated warning of intrusion onto your property and can be used for monitoring and protecting the coming and going of family members and employees.

Fire & Smoke Detectors

Many fire tragedies in the home or business can be protected by early detection. Approximately a quarter of residential fires resulting in loss of life are due to faulty operating fire and smoke detectors, or non being used at all!

Echo Alarms offers sophisticated monitored Fire and Smoke detectors for early warning and peace of mind. The ultimate protection, monitored 24/7 – 365 days a year because accidents and tragedy don’t take holidays. Early detection and warning will prevent loss of life and minimize property damage.