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Welcome to the Echo Alarms Dealer Program! This program is designed to empower registered businesses to become authorized dealers of Echo Alarms products and services.

 Eligibility Requirements:

    • Must be a registered business with appropriate licenses and permits.
    • Agree to purchase a minimum of $3000  as an initial order.
    • Commit to maintaining a minimum of 5 new clients per month.
    • Completion of Echo Alarms’ installer and sales training program.

      Benefits of the Dealer Program:

      • Access to wholesale pricing for Echo Alarm systems.
      • Marketing and promotional support. (Leads in your area)
      • Priority technical support from Echo Alarms.
      • Exclusive access to new product releases and updates.
      • Opportunity for co-marketing and branding initiatives.
  1. Dealer Responsibilities:

    • Purchase and maintain a stock of Echo Alarm systems to meet client demand.
    • Actively promote and sell Echo Alarm systems to potential clients.
    • Provide installation services for purchased systems.
    • Maintain a minimum of 5 new clients per month to sustain dealer status.
    • Participate in required installer and sales training programs provided by Echo Alarms.
    • Uphold Echo Alarms’ brand reputation and customer service standards.
  2. Training and Support:

    • Installer Training: Comprehensive training program covering installation procedures, technical specifications, and troubleshooting.
    • Sales Training: Effective sales techniques, product knowledge, and customer engagement strategies.
    • Ongoing support through online resources, webinars, and direct assistance from Echo Alarms’ support team.
  3. Sales Targets and Incentives:

    • Dealers are encouraged to meet or exceed monthly sales targets.
    • Performance-based incentives such as discounts on future purchases, bonuses, or rewards for top-performing dealers.
    • Recognition and rewards for dealers who consistently meet or exceed sales and client acquisition goals.
  4. Terms and Conditions:

    • Dealers must adhere to Echo Alarms’ terms and conditions outlined in the dealer agreement.
    • Failure to meet minimum sales or client acquisition requirements may result in termination of the dealer agreement.
    • Echo Alarms reserves the right to modify the terms of the dealer program with prior notice to participating dealers..

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