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Winnipeg Home Alarm Systems and Why You Need One for Your Winnipeg Home Security and Family

Why do I need a home alarm system in Winnipeg? Do I need a home video security system put outdoors on my property? Why would I need that? for safety reasons?

These are probably just some of the questions going through your head as you are considering your home and family security in Winnipeg. Most people would feel safer with this protection but they fear that they will be seen as paranoid. They think that they are over-reacting.

However, is it really over-reacting?

With everything that you could prevent with a Winnipeg home security system from alarm companies Winnipeg- and frankly, all of the money you could save – it doesn’t seem like paranoia anymore.

Why Do I Need A Winnipeg Home Alarm and Security System From An Alarm Company?

The first thing that pops to anyone’s mind when thinking about a Winnipeg home security systems from alarm companies in Winnipeg is that they stop burglars or any other kinds of criminals. And, to a point, this is true.

Many North American security agencies reports say that about 1 in 3 homes without a home security system get robbed. And only 1 in 250 homes with a home security system fall victim to burglary. This is a concerning statistic, especially if you are one of the former.

With the situation with crime as it is, installing something like this could make a big difference. There are several scenarios here.

First one would be that the robbery actually happens – someone takes your valuables. What now? Without a Winnipeg home security system from alarm companies in Winnipeg, chances of that person getting caught are getting smaller by the day – you’ll never see your valuables again.

But, if you have a home security camera, it probably filmed the robber’s face and police can catch him and retrieve your things in no time with the footage in their hands.

The next thing that could happen is a robber casing your home. If you don’t have a Winnipeg security system, the robber will go for it. If you do, they will probably give up pretty quickly out of fear of getting caught.

They could also try to rob your house and end up getting scared off by the Winnipeg alarm system.

So, a Winnipeg home security system from alarm companies in Winnipeg can be just as effective in catching the perpetrators as it can be in scaring them away.

Okay, you might think, but how often is a robber going to come to my house? What other purposes can a Winnipeg home security system serve?

You can rely on it to protect your home against fire

A concerning piece of information is that every twenty seconds a home fire is reported. Just imagine how horrifying having a fire in your home can be – especially if you lose things in the process. And the dangers to your family are even more concerning.

However, imagine if you had a Winnipeg home security system from an alarm company in Winnipeg, one that could warn you of that. It could detect the smoke building up and warn you while putting out the fire. Some of the Winnipeg home security systems have fire detectors which can detect even the smallest changes in heat and let you know where these sources of heat are coming from.

Stopping a fire early can make a huge difference between life and death or having a home and not having a home.

Still not convinced? Well, how about this:

A Winnipeg Home Security System From an Alarm Company in Winnipeg Could Save You Money

If you are a homeowner, you need an insurance policy. And this policy varies based on several factors – location, payment options, type of home and so on. It’s designed to cover the losses from a burglary, fire and many other situations that can happen in your home.

While you may not pay attention to the cost of your insurance policy, a Winnipeg home security system from a Winnipeg alarm company could save you a ton of money on insurance.


Well, most insurance companies offer a huge discount to people who install a home security system in Winnipeg. A home security system in Winnipeg could prevent devastating events and this means that the insurance company has lower chances of paying for the costs that happen.

Another way you could save money with a home security system in Winnipeg is on your electricity bills.

A home security system in Winnipeg has an electricity management option

Remember all of those times when you left the house only to realize that you have forgotten to turn off the lights, your stove or TV?

Well, you won’t have to run back home anymore.

With a home security system in Winnipeg, you can turn anything off remotely. Saving electricity – and time.

It’s also very convenient

For instance, you can turn lights on just before you get home so you don’t have to stumble around in the dark. Or you can turn on cooling devices some time before you get home during hot summers. The same goes for heating during winter.

Help your home be smart.

Safety always comes first – even when you can’t see the danger

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas which can’t be detected by humans – it has no color or smell. It usually comes from combustion fumes in your stove or heating, burning wood and soon.

If you take in too much of this dangerous gas, you could have serious health issues or even die. And yet, how are you supposed to defend against it if you don’t even know it’s there?

Well, a home security system in Winnipeg could have a carbon monoxide detector built in. This could inform you on time that there is some level of carbon monoxide concentration in the air so you can take precaution.

Winnipeg Home security systems have a lot more to offer, like:

Monitoring your home 24/7

When you are traveling or away from home, you sometimes get anxious about what’s happening in your home – because, let’s be honest, things can go wrong when you are not there.

Well, you never have to spend your time pondering on that, when you can check what’s going on in your home through your devices. Even if you can’t be there to watch your home all the time, the system itself can monitor your home and notify you of any changes that happen.

Another benefit of a Winnipeg home security system is getting medical assistance.

People who live alone, especially older people could benefit greatly from having the medical pulls or alert pendants that can be used in case of serious emergencies. Most Winnipeg security systems offer this.

Protection and help is not everything that a security system in Winnipeg can do

There have been numerous cases of people using it for fun as well.

Some people like to use the cameras on the Winnipeg security system to film the wildlife outside their home or animals and pets interacting while they are not there. People who have farms use it to film their animals giving birth.

And you have probably seen multiple videos online where people use Winnipeg home security systems to play pranks on their family. People also use it to monitor their babysitters, or their property to catch neighbours trespassing and so on.

You could also track weather conditions when you are not there, film interesting family events and gatherings, increase the selling value of your home, view indoor and outdoor spaces in your home and so on.

There are many benefits of having a home security system – many of them listed above and much more to be discovered.

As with everything, there are some cons like the cost or maintenance of the home security system in Winnipeg.

However, can you really put a price on having a peace of mind?

All of these benefits lead to that – you and your family being safe. You can fully relax knowing that your home security system is there to alert you or the authorities of any danger.

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